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Contact Lenses: Fashion Affectation and UsageContact Lenses: Fashion Affectation and Usage
Contact lenses are one of the popular fashion trends for several years. Girls often get confused or hesitated while picking the right lenses - which one should be bought, which one will match my makeup or complexion or budget. Ash tone suits almost every Bengali girl. Beside more
Category: Affectation   Published on 22 January 2015  (read 2250 times).

Old Fashioned Traditional Saree - A Modern TrendOld Fashioned Traditional Saree - A Modern Trend
Once upon a time, it was a common practice that the young girl of family to take the best saree from her mother's collections in any special occasion. Yet it happens, however, expressions are changed. Now she tries to illustrate her own style through her taste, choose and se more
Category: Clothing   Published on 4 January 2015  (read 2861 times).

Women's Blazers - An Ultimate Fashion TrendWomen's Blazers - An Ultimate Fashion Trend
Blazers are always treated as smart fashion of all ages. People, specially young, can't think themselves without blazers in winter. Fashion houses are passing busy hours with new ideas for design and variety of women's blazers. Every year they have to face the competition of more
Category: Clothing   Published on 20 December 2014  (read 1655 times).

How to Remove Deodorant StainsHow to Remove Deodorant Stains
A deodorant is such a substance that is applied to the human body to prevent body odor, caused by one kind of bacterial breakdown of perspiration in armpits, feet, and some other areas of the body. Antiperspirants, a subgroup of deodorants, affect body odor as well as preven more
Category: Fashion Tips   Published on 16 December 2014  (read 917 times).