Old Fashioned Traditional Saree - A Modern Trend

Old Fashioned Traditional Saree - A Modern Trend Once upon a time, it was a common practice that the young girl of family to take the best saree from her mother's collections in any special occasion. Yet it happens, however, expressions are changed. Now she tries to illustrate her own style through her taste, choose and selections. It brings a modern context by variety use of the old fashioned traditional saree with modern blouse and jewelry.

Saree with a matching blouse, but the current trend is to choose saree contrasting with blouse designs and patterns, says Shagufta Hossain, designer of Butterfly by Shagufta, an online boutique shop. You can easily wear a dark blue blouse with light pink saree or vice versa. Traditional designs with western styles in blouse, is current trend, she added. Gorgeous designs on neck and neckline are included with traditional variety designs on blouse sleeves. Blouses are full of gorgeous design patterns not only in front side, but also in back. Back side of black, dark green or blue coloured blouses are enriched with highly embroidery works with jori and colorful threads. Floral cutwork designs on back side make the silk blouses more gorgeous. Velvets with soft cloths make another variety which is also popular. A good combination of silk and nets including large stones and chumky designs are another trend.

Designer Mahin Khan told, moslin or silk sarees of soft light colors and patterns with gorgeous blouses are most comfortable to young women now. They prefer white, off white, light blue, pink, red, green and olive colors for sarees. Floral designs by colourful thread works are reflected in full body of those sarees. Balaka silk is being used in kuchi and anchal of moslin sarees as the traditional moslin is slightly thick, told G M Alamgir, Director of Doyel Silk. Without any design, different colours are being used to make sarees more gorgeous, for example, blue, white and black colours are used in three quarters of anchal for a maroon body. Full of embroidery works by same color threads are doing on monochromatic color body.

As the colors of sarees, to use a little light shade of eye shadow or lipstick is the current trends, said Afroza Parvin, beauty expert of Red Beauty Salon. Hair is arranged in a haphazard style instead of using hair spray or gel. Raise and arrange your hair tying as ponytail while your blouse is full of gorgeous designs on back side. However, those who want to keep themselves in the traditional dressed, messi bantai would be better for them. Your hands may be noticed easily as short sleeves blouse the present trends. So you should be careful on your hands. Put little shimmer with lotion using on hands, she advised. If you have a splendid neck blouse, better not to wear any jewelry around your neck, but good if you take heavy design earrings and big ring on finger.

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Guest Comments

Sumaiya Jahan Poly     on 8 January 2015
I use to wear sarees from my mom's collection. She has some gorgeous sarees. This article will be very helpful for me. Bookmarked. Thanks to you all.

Labony Ahmed     on 9 January 2015
Saree with a matching blouse, but the current trend is to choose saree contrasting with blouse designs and patterns -- true.

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