Women's Blazers - An Ultimate Fashion Trend

Women's Blazers - An Ultimate Fashion Trend Blazers are always treated as smart fashion of all ages. People, specially young, can't think themselves without blazers in winter. Fashion houses are passing busy hours with new ideas for design and variety of women's blazers. Every year they have to face the competition of the craze.

Short and waist-height blazers are the main attraction to the young women this winter. Stores in markets are full of round patterned bottom, single button, double buttons, four buttons and without buttons blazers, however, single button and without buttons blazers are in top position of customer demands. Gabardine, cord and cotton blazers are comfortable than wool and leather.

Improper fitting of blazers, whether having beautiful colors and designs, doesn't look good at all. Some blazers are with belt also for tight adjustment. Many bright colors like red, maroon, pink, light green, navy blue, etc. are also available beside of black, khaki and gray blazers in market.

Zafar Iqbal, chief executive of the fashion house O2, says waist height and long sleeved blazers are most popular this year. Moreover, V-neck shape and without buttons with folding sleeves are also popular in young demands. Blazers of Remy cotton are most useful in Bangladeshi weather, he added. He suggests to take blazer with the color does not match the color of the inner tank tops. He advises to choose contrasting colors combining between light and dark colors.

Managing Director of famous fashion house, Ecstasy, Tanzim Haque thinks it depends on blazer patterns when to wear the colors combining or contrasting colors. He has a collection of long, medium and fitted women's blazers with black, off-white and several shocking colors. These blazers can be able to wear anytime in any party as those are made of cotton and synthetic fabrics. He thinks wearing blazers with trousers is more attractive than kameez or saree. Wearing a mustard-colored trouser with a dark green blazer that will create a great contrast, he says. Trends of wearing puffy sleeved and with shirt can be observed this winter.

O2, Ecstasy, Yellow, Smartex, Westecs and Infinity arrange various collections of blazer this year. Opposite of Dhaka College, Badrudduza Market, Bashundhara City Shopping Complex, Jamuna Future Park and New Market are also known places for women's blazers.

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Kona Mehzabin     on 21 December 2014
Very nice and informative article. Thanks a lot to the writer.

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